Gokul Bariya’s story began on a crisp October day in 1986, when he was born to the loving Bariya family in Surat. His parents, Mr. Laxman Bariya and Mrs. Hansa Bariya, held high aspirations for their son, who was their only son among two daughters. Though he was raised in a middle-class household, Gokul’s dreams were anything but average. He was enchanted by the whimsy of costumes and the magic of the stage, and it was here that he found his calling in the world of arts and drama.

Despite his parents’ desire for him to pursue a traditional profession, Gokul’s heart beats for the life of an artist. His passion for dancing was evident from a young age, and when his teacher thrust him into a school dance competition, Gokul took to the stage like a fish to water. Dancing with every fiber of his being, he mesmerized the audience with his moves, leaving them applauding for minutes on end. It was then that he realized that dance was not only his passion but his purpose.

However, the weight of responsibility pressed down on Gokul’s shoulders, and he knew that higher education was a luxury he could not afford. With no desire to pursue further studies, he made the tough decision to quit school after the 10th grade. He was but a kid who wants to earn and support his family but does not know how. The road ahead seems blurred but the dreams were vivid. With his eyes still set on the arts, he knew that he had to start somewhere, but his path ahead seemed obscured.

Undeterred, Gokul decided to follow his talent in dance and started teaching kids in his community. As his reputation as a dance master began to spread, he became more and more sought after, and before long, he had become a beloved and respected figure in his town. Though the road to success was not easy, Gokul’s passion for dance drove him ever onward, inspiring him to chase his dreams with steadfast determination.

Modeling Career

After getting known as a dance master and becoming a proper choreographer for quite a long time he felt he is getting comfortable doing the same work daily, so to get out of his comfort zone Gokul thought of trying something new. After strenuous efforts and struggle, he earned a ticket to the modeling contest of Mr. Surat. Besides losing the competition twice due to a lack of grooming and fashion experience, he finally wrote his golden name on the title of 2007 Mr. Surat The Jazz Talent Show organized by Ms Soniya Bodegar, and overnight he became the leading face of Surat’s local brands and TV Advertisement.

Dozens of brands from Surat, Mumbai, and other cities started signing him for his great looks and understanding of the brand’s needs. It was Mr. Jayant Patel who has given him the first break for the Crazy Café add shoot than other reputed brands like Happy Homes the Autograph Club, Magnum Beer Shree Shakti Jewellers, Sakhiya skin clinic, Maruti triad center (MTC), and more. He was enjoying the road to fame but he knew this is not just what he is aspiring for

Movie Career

It was a new experience shooting for brands, he loved the camera and the camera loved him back, from there he realized what should his next step should be. So, he started looking for roles in local movies, many rejections came his way, he has till now completed two projects, the first was the ad shoot for Crazy Café and another was a Music Album ‘Tamev Mata Cha Pita Tamev’ by Rajubhai Gangani. He knew sooner or later someone will see the talent he sees in himself. Mona Chawda, a makeup artist and a very good friend of Gomzee (Gokul’s Stage name) suggested him, showing his portfolio to the Gujarati film producer, Hareshbhai G. Patel, who is also the Godfather of Gokul who got impressed by his looks and enthusiasm that he immediately offered the negative role to Gokul in the movie Preet Janmo Janam Ni Bhulase Nahi, directed by Aatmaram Thakor; his first movie which became Golden Jubilee.

He was very praised considering it was his first movie and his cinematic journey began. Avtar Dharine Avu Chu an action-drama Gujarati movie under the direction of Aatmaram Thakor and Actor Vikram Thakor also ran silver jubilee at the Gujarati box office His movie Gori Taro Piyu Kare Pukar, again a negative role offered by Harshubhai Patel was loved by critics. Gokul’s first Hindi movie Ye Kaisi Hai Aashiqui, in which he had a leading role and became the talk of town his acting and natural good-looking personality. Hum To Chale Pardes was a critically hit Hindi Movie that created an immense fan base and added to his stardom. Sutradhar, a Suspense drama Gujarati film released in 2018 starring Sunny Khatri and Gokul Baraiya is much admired by movie lovers. Had Thai Gayi a comedy Gujarati movie tested Gokul’s skill for acting and thought him much about dialogue delivery and the importance of timing in comedy. Gokul’s Justice, a suspense thriller film added to the versatility of the actor.

With over a decade of experience in the industry, Gokul has honed his craft to become one of the most versatile actors out there. From dramatic roles to comedic performances, He can seamlessly transition from one character to the next, making each one uniquely his own. Whether it’s playing the hero or the villain, the lead, or the supporting cast, He has the range and depth to bring any script to life. He thrives on challenging roles that push him to his limits, and He is constantly seeking out new opportunities to showcase his versatility.

Music Album

The 2019 Hindi album Teri Yaadon Mein sung by Arun Kumar Nikam and directed by Abhay chabra and Nikhit Kamat (who is popularly known for his music for the movie Tum Bin and song Acha Sila Diya Tune Mere Pyar ka) in which Gokul performed as a well-drunk lover created a great buzz in the music industry. Another 2019 romantic Ghazal album sung by Talat Aziz produced by Swastik Motions Films Directed by Atul Soni and Shailesh Patel in which Gokul Baraiya played and did justice to a role of a forlorn character who’s severely heartbroken. The 2021 Gujarati album Ramvane Tame Aavo which is sung by Gokul Baraiya himself alongside the female lead singer Prachi Shah, was cast in the song as lead male alongside Nimita Vaghasiya directed by Rahul Vyas and Produced by Raman Ganga. The 2020 Gokul was also the face of the Hindi devotional album Ayodhya Mein Ram Ji Ka Mandir Banega, a tribute to Lord Ram’s birthplace, sung by Davesh Sridhar and from UVI Music produced by Swastik Motions Film and Directed by Atul Soni and Shailesh Patel. Mogal Shiromani, another devotional Gujarati song by Kailash Charaniya from KC Production and Rahul K. Viras. In 2022, Shamaliyo and Aevo Maro Shamaliyo Gujarati songs sung by Trusha Rami and Sarup Kota Directed by Nirav Joshi and Produced by P. Shah Film from the devotional album Kanuda, in which Gokul Baraiya elegantly portrayed the role of Lord Krishna.

Hello, I am Gokul Baraiya an Actor, Model and a Dance Choreographer.  Past eight years have been very exciting on my profession front, since I took a carrier leap in television industry, I have been lucky to be able to work and learn from who’s of our industry. 

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